Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Advantages and Disadvantages

The double pipe heat exchanger is most important system to transfer equipments, It has to bring together of a regular metal pipe and standardized return bends, the latter equipped with stuffing boxes.

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Advantages

  • It is extremely easy to build and easy of operation. Its handle differential thermal expansions by the constructions of hairpin type components.
  • The make use of of longitudinal finned tubes, will having a low heat transfer coefficient.
  • Easy to cleaning, maintenance, repair.
  • Shortened delivery times can result from the use of stock components that can be assembled into standard sections.
  • Modular design allows for the addition of sections at a later time or the rearrangement of sections for new services.
  • Simple construction leads to ease of cleaning inspection and tube element replacement.

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Disadvantages

  • Hairpin sections are specifically intended units which are generally not built to any manufacturing industry standard other than ASME Code. However, TEMA tolerances are normally incorporated wherever applicable.
  • Various hairpin sections are not at all times cost-effectively competitive with a distinct shell and tube heat exchanger.
  • Proprietary closure design requires special gaskets.


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