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Cooling Tower Design

We JC Equipments Pvt Ltd located in Coimbatore South India are An ISO 9001-2008 certified Designers in india and we established in the year of 1989. We having 23 years in the field of cooling tower manufacturing and design.

JC Cooling Tower Design

  • JC Equipments Cooling Tower Designing Team can easily design very suitable and exact cooling tower for your requirement.
  • You can send your requirement or specfication or usage details to our team.
  • JC Equipments cooling tower designing team will design cooling tower for you.
  • We have 23 years experience in designing and manufacturing in India.
  • Hope in India we only have an exclusive team and softwares from CTI USA to design in India.
  • So just send your requirement to us and get well designed Cooling Tower for your requirement.

JC Equipments Range of Products

  • The fixed Ranges are from 50 TR to 500 TR
  • For more detail send your query to

Importance of Cooling Tower Design

  • The price should not only a factor to buy a cooling tower.
  • How far the manufacturer is expert in desigining of tower.
  • We advise our clients to send the exact requirements and their needs.
  • Before design we also noted their experience in the product.
  • If we feel we can do better design for them, then we will inform them to have a new cooling tower design.
  • And we explain about the advantages of our new design.
  • This will lead us to maintain a good relationship with our customer.

To design cooling tower the below informations are required.

  • Water flow rate for cooling tower : m3/hr (or) LPM
  • Hot water temperature value to design : Degree C
  • Cold water temperature value to design : Degree C
  • Wet bulb temperature : Degree C

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