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Timber Cooling Towers Manufacturer INDIA

We at JC Equipments Pvt Ltd offer world class solution for your timber cooling tower or wooden cooling tower requirements. Over 20 years of experience in this HVAC industry we only construct 100% result oriented timber cooling system as per your specification. We are very much updated with world standards by getting our company into CTI Cooling Tower Institue Member. So we manufacturer of timber type cooling system and knows as wooden cooling system manufacturers in India. Our products are having very good mechanical strength and durable with wonderfull efficient atmospheric cooling system and mechanical cooling towers. JC Equipments Pvt Ltd leading manufacturer of timber cooling system India.

Timber Cooling Tower

JC Timber Cooling Tower Product Range

  • Wooden Single Flow and Double Flow induced Draft Cross Flow
  • Direct Drive System.
  • Reduction Gear Box Drive Suystem.
  • Counter Flow Square / Rectangular Induced / Forced Draft Towers.
  • Packaged Wooden Double / Single Flow Induced Draft Cross Flow.
  • Fan-less Induced Draft Wooded Cooling Tower [ Atmospheric Natural Draft Cooling Towers].
  • Re-Inforced Concrete Cooling Towers.
  • Spares For any Type and Make of Cooling Systems.

Specifitaions for Timber Cooling Tower:

  • Temperature 4°C To 30°C
  • 2 Cell Timber Cooling Tower
  • 3 Cell Timber Cooling Tower
  • 5 TR T0 1000 TR
  • Uniform water spraying
  • Fow Rate from 5 M3/Hr To 500 M3/Hr

Timber Cooling Tower Types are : Timber Induced Draft Cross & Counter Flow Cooling Tower

Send Your LPM, Inlet Temperature, Out let temperature, WBT to get free quote for your Timber Cooling Tower requirement. Send mail to

  • Maximum Wind Velocity KMP
  • Elevation Above sea Level M
  • Maximum Temperature 0 C
  • Minimum Temperature 0 C
  • Maximum Humidity %
  • Minimum Humidity %

Design Data

  • Design Water Flow Rate - M3 /hr
  • Hot Water Inlet Temperature - 0 C
  • Cold Water Outlet Temperature - 0 C
  • Wet Bulb Temperature at site - 0 C

Timber Cooling Tower Useful for : Air conditioning Industries, Chemical Industries, Diesel generating Industries, Chilling plants

JC Timber Cooling Tower Design

Economy in Operation

  • JC Timber Cooling System are designed for the highest effieiency at the lowest operating cost.
  • Fans gear boxes, fill and drift eliminators are optimized to deliver maximum cooling with minum applied horsepower for lower operating cost.

Best Performance

  • JC Timber Cooling System are providing more wetted surface area for uniform water distribution and higher heat trasfer rate.

Architectural Compatability

  • JC Timber Cooling Towers are designed to a low profile. So the appearance and general configuration blends harmoniously with surroundings.
  • Performance and attractive appearnance are demanded.

Maintenance Free

  • JC Timber Cooling System are used maintenance free materials throught the tower. The materials are used in structural and functional components, all steel is
    hot-dipped galvanized after the fabrication.

Tips for Timber Cooling Tower Installation and Maintenance:

  • Install Timber Cooling System very near to you plant.
  • Regular maintainence should be done regularly to avoid problems and efficiency.
  • Monitor the wooden quality for every 3 months one.

Types and Methods of Timber Cooling Tower:

  1. Conventional Method of Timber Cooling System [Natural Draft Timber / Fanless Filless Timber]
  2. Mechanical Type of Timber Cooling Tower [ Induced Draft Counter Flow Timber Cooling tower and Induced Draft Cross Flow Timber]

Natural cooling System reduce the operational costs due to not having mechanical fans. The water is cooled with natural atmospheric air traveling and the water is sprayed with the help of Spray nozzles and covered with louver covers. So this methods are called as atmospheric cooling tower or Fanless timber and fillless timber cooling tower.

JC Timber Cooling Tower are Energy saving fanless Cooling Towers in India.

  • The cross flow will have mechanical Fan and the water will be cooled with help of mechanical Fan.
  • JC Mechanical timber cooling towers provides good thermal performance and low drift loss.
  • JC Equipments prefer the seasoned chemically treated, lightwood used to manufacture the timber Cooling Towers.
  • Also we use this same wood for Splash bars, Drift Eliminator, Fan duct for our JC Timber Cooling Tower.

Applications for Timber Cooling Tower.

  • Automobile Industries,
  • Cable Industries,
  • Casting Units,
  • Cement factory,
  • Chemical Industires,
  • Dairy Industries,
  • Fertilizers Indusries,
  • Food Industries,
  • Hotels ,
  • Hospitals,
  • Paper Industries,
  • Power Generation Stations,
  • Petrochemical Industries,
  • Pharmaceutical units,
  • Plastic Industries,
  • Refineries,
  • Rubber Industries,
  • Steel Plant & Rolling Plant,
  • Sugar Mills,
  • Textile Mills,
  • Spinning Mills,
  • Tyre Manufacturing units
  • Water effluent treatment industries

How to Design Timber Cooling Tower?

JC Equipments are designing the timber cooling tower as per the client requirements and we having 23 years experienced in cooling tower industry. We have well designed and develop the timber cooling tower for various industries. Our designing teams are very qualified with designing knowledge. We are most designed to thermal plants and also a many power plants are cooled simply by air using this type cooling tower. The following types are available here, Induced Draft Cross and Counter Flow cooling tower. The system is designed for the highest efficiency.

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