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We JC Equipments located in Coimbatore South India are An ISO 9001-2008 certified Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of all types of Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers in India. JC Equipments Pvt Ltd established in the year of 1989. JC Equipments Pvt Ltd cater a genuine, reliable & durable Cooling Solution for all types of industries in India as well as overseas.

We are ASME certified on June 30th 2011 to manufacturer Heat Exchanger in India. ASME - [The American Society of Mechanical Engineers]. Heat Exchanger design and manufacturing is one of our services. We are into manufacturing of heat exchangers since 1990. Having many years of experience in liquid cooling system and Heat exchanger system and technologies.

The Heat Exchanger can be used in industrial oil coolers, industrial boiler coolers, industrial chilled water systems, industrial ground water systems, industrial transmission and engine coolers, industrial waste water heat recovery and industrial condensers and evaporators in refrigeration systems. We Specialised in Heat Exchanger solutions and leading Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in India.

We are certified by ASME - The American Society of Mechanical Engineers on June 30th 2011. We are U Stamp and S Stamp Certified that Authorized for Manufacturer and Assembly of Power Boiler and Pressure Vessel.


  1. Water heat exchanger - [for generator sets,furnaces and bearing cooling]
  2. Oilcoolers - [for lubrication of machine tools,centrifugals,quenching systems,transformers, turbines,gear box etc.]
  3. After cooler - [ for air & gas compressors
  4. Condensers [for steam and process fluids]
  5. Chillers [for refrigeration systems]
  6. Fuel oil heaters [for pre-heating furnace oil]
  7. Evoporators [for thickening pprocess liquids]
  8. Steam-air heaters [for hot air generation for drying aplications
  9. Reboilers [for distillation application]
  10. Water heater [for hot water generation]
  11. Bitur reactor
  12. Column
  13. Surface condenser
  14. Deaerator
  15. Air tank
  16. Airblast oil cooler
  17. Break oil cooler
  18. Marine heat exchanger
  19. Marine oil cooler
  20. Air pre-heater
  21. Tray driers,rexin/leather driers.
  22. Pressure vessels
  23. Columns and all heat exchange products.
Types : Fixed type, removable type, 'u'type heat exchangers
Tube to tubesheet joints : Expansion type, growing and expansion type, expansion and welding type and seam welding type.
Tube materials : Stainless steel:304, 316, etc M.S:SA-179, seamless, welded, copper, brass,
Tube sheets : S.S,M.S, Carbon Steel, SA-285 GRC, IS-2041/62 and Brass.
Shells : M.S,S.S, Brass etc
Baffels : M.S,S.S, Brass, Aluminium etc.

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