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Cooling Tower Manufacturers INDIA

Our Range of Cooling Tower Applications are suitable for all the below Industrial Applications like
  • For Air Conditioned Plant and Cold rooms, Aluminium and Die Casting Plant
  • For Injection Moulding, Chemical and Oil Refineries
  • For Plastic Extruder Plant, Steel Foundry and Forgings
  • For Dairy and Dyeing Plants, Water Treatment Plants
  • For Diesel / Gas Gen set Plants
  • For Thermal Plant, Power Plants
  • Cooling Water Treatment in Thermal Power Plant
  • For Thermal Power Plant, Ammonia Chiller Unit

Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower :
Mechanical draft Cooling tower spray the water downward to fill. Cooling Fans pull air across the dropping water. The heat will be removed. Mechanical Draft Cooling tower are used depends on climatic conditions.

Natural Draft Cooling Tower:
Natural Draft Cooling tower are used depends on climatic conditions.

Forced Draft Cooling Tower :
Foced Draft Cooling tower The water is take water from nearby river and then returned to the river.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower :
In cross flow Cooling tower the water enters from the top and flows downward through the Cooling Tower Fill. The airflow is induced by fan and moves horizontally. Also we offer Wet Cooling System Open Circuit Water Induced Draft with cross flow and counter flow, Atmospheric Cooling Tower and Mechanical Cooling Tower.

Maintenance for Cooling Tower

Every day cooling tower inspections must incorporate a visual inspection for noises and checking chemical station and also every six months must be cleaned using a power washer.

  • Check the deficiencies
  • Check cooling Fans
  • Check the vibration,
  • Check the cooling tower Gearboxes
  • Check the leaks, and
  • Check the cooling tower Fan stacks
  • Check the noise and Remove access panels
  • Check the cooling tower Motors
  • Clean hot deck,
  • check the orifices
  • Replace access panel

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